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Benefits of Traduki

Traduki Technologies, LLC is a language interpretation and translation service company that utilizes interpretation management technology to reduce language barriers in communities across the United States. We build relationships with organizations in healthcare, government, and business to build community and eliminate language barriers. The interpreting management software is used to connect doctors, government officials, and employees to certified language professionals on any device, including iOS, Android, and PC/Mac. We take pride in knowing our services help communities connect when it matters most.

Use on Any Device

Traduki is able to offer services on any device, including iOS, Android, and PC/Mac. It is important to us that Traduki is easily accessible and convenient for anyone to use.

Real Time Interaction

All of our professional interpreters are available to assist in real time 24/7 with guaranteed service.

Customer Service

Traduki is ready to support you and your language interpretation needs. That is why we are ready to answer your questions through our direct service hotline.

Use as Needed

The best part is that there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges associated with Traduki services. Simply select the desired languages and instantly connect with the appropriate language interpreter.

Certified Interpreters

All of our language professionals are appropriately certified and 100% fluent in their supported languages. They are also trained in software competence to carry out virtual interpretation through the mobile software.

 Most Integrated & Affordable Language Service!

Traduki is a language interpretation and text translation mobile application service that connects clients with real time certified freelance interpreters and translators.

Who We Are






Industries We Serve


We are committed to serving the healthcare community with the ability to access a medically certified language professional 24/7

Legal Services

Courtroom communications can easily be misunderstood, especially when there is not a properly trained certified interpreter in the room.

Business Services

The fast paced atmosphere of the private sector can be challenging when it comes to servicing clients who struggle with language barriers. Traduki is designed to fit the scenario and provide the best service possible.

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